The Domestic Violence Intervention Program (DVIP) offered by Victim Services of Cullman is a 24 session intervention program designed to deal with the perpetrators of domestic violence.  Domestic violence has numerous contributing factors, but occurs directly as a result of one specific reason, because some one chooses to be violent.  For this reason, our intervention program is designed to reduce all factors which contribute to making that destructive decision.

Our primary aim is to accomplish two objectives, first, to get the perpetrator to see that domestic violence is a decision and that they are responsible for that decision to be violent in any of it’s many forms, and two, to get them to understand all of their issues which allowed them to make such a destructive decision.  The program is therefore focused on helping perpetrators identify and change any learned behavioral characteristics and patterns of behavior that contribute to violent behavior.  Our workbook lessons focus on numerous topics, but in general, focus on ways of seeing, thinking, feeling, and behaving in response to the events in our lives that we must deal with on a daily basis.  How we deal with these issues eventually leads to the consequences that we must all live with and that can bring untold pain to the lives of vulnerable people.  We teach the appropriate ways of dealing with issues of all kinds and especially focus on problem solving skills and behaviors that promote healthy relationships.  As perpetrators participate in our program, they gain a sense of what their specific problems and issues are and how they can be fixed.  We are all about changing behaviors through learning healthy choices.

There is a fee associated with this program. Clients can be court-ordered, DHR referral, or make a self-referral.  This is NOT an anger management program.

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